A Small Space Filled with Light

A Small Space Filled with Light

For a few weeks I haven’t visited HomeDesignFind.com, which means when I finally got around to it I needed to spend a morning looking through all the new posts. While there have been numerous great designs posted I really liked their post on Studio Associato Archiplan‘s compact urban home in Italy. It was appealing to me because the design was simple and could easily fit in a small urban lot. It does so while appearing large from the inside, providing a large amount of light, and keeping the living space private.



 The floor plan looks compact and relatively small, but the pictures really show the amount of light and the illusion of a greater space it brings to this house.

This shows the impact a small courtyard can have on the house. The space is completely private and divides the space between spaces in way a simple wall cannot.

Directly opposite of the courtyard is the only window in the main space which faces the outside world, still hidden by the large kitchen island.

Outside the house is unassuming, with only the patio showing a hint that people actually live in the space.

Up and Running

Were OpenIt has been awhile since I decided to set this up, and now it is finally here. My plans are to use this space to post about current events, technology, travel, and design. I also intend to use the site as a means to generate revenue for my freelance consulting business.

Areas coming soon include:

1. Galleries
2. In depth about me section
3. Resume
4. Contact forms
5. Category pages

Small Bedroom Ideas

Small Bedroom Ideas

As someone limited on the amount of space I can afford small bedrooms will probably be the norm for the next decade of my life. The latest post at Home Design Find has a couple ideas that make the idea seem liveable, if not awesome.

I want this room

I found this while looking at Dornob.com, and simply have to say I want this room.  I can’t be sure the clock, which is what I was looking at, is actually in the room instead of being placed there with some photo editing; regardless I like this modern approach to what appears to be an audiophiles heaven.


Writing a resume during the application process may be a relic of the past, according to Rachel Silverman’s article “No More Résumés, Say Some Firms” in the Wall Street Journal.  Silverman details the different approaches some companies are taking to find the right employee, the one perfect for the job and whom fits perfectly into their corporate culture.  Companies at times go as far as having applicants submit brief videos as part of their application, citing that it gives them a better chance to see the real applicant.  While personally I haven’t experience a Recruiting 2.0 application process yet, I would welcome the challenge and appreciate the ability to showcase talents and soft skills which may be lost on paper.