I want this room

I found this while looking at Dornob.com, and simply have to say I want this room.  I can’t be sure the clock, which is what I was looking at, is actually in the room instead of being placed there with some photo editing; regardless I like this modern approach to what appears to be an audiophiles heaven.


Writing a resume during the application process may be a relic of the past, according to Rachel Silverman’s article “No More Résumés, Say Some Firms” in the Wall Street Journal.  Silverman details the different approaches some companies are taking to find the right employee, the one perfect for the job and whom fits perfectly into their corporate culture.  Companies at times go as far as having applicants submit brief videos as part of their application, citing that it gives them a better chance to see the real applicant.  While personally I haven’t experience a Recruiting 2.0 application process yet, I would welcome the challenge and appreciate the ability to showcase talents and soft skills which may be lost on paper.

Lists and More Lists

Lists and More Lists

I enjoy reading the lists posted on Inc.com, or those posted on any other business, self-help, or magazine’s website. Why? Because more often than not they summarize what my family, friends, business professors, or common sense have been telling me for years.  They provide verification of the little tidbits one has picked up along the road of life. Particularly, today I really liked this list “14 Easy Ways to Get Insanely Motivated” due to some small lapses of motivation involving my to-do list around the house.  While I only needed to find a pep in my step around the house, list items like “Treat inaction as the only real failure” can apply in any situation. Focusing on on a list like this will help me keep my mind focused on the value of all of this work.

Source: http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/how-to-motivate-yourself-14-easy-ways.html?nav=pop

Modern Light Shining Through

I know that I haven’t made a post in months, but not to fret I haven’t given up on the blog – I was just distracted with life and work upon coming back to the States.  To follow the list of recently created New Year’s resolutions I need to start blogging and posting a great deal more on here.  So like starting fresh I give you some modern home design!

This picture above stood out to me, like many interior shots of modern homes do, because of the great deal of light coming in through all of the windows.  It is one of the strongest attachments I have to modern architecture, the ability to easily be asymmetrical but yet balanced with windows and light.  In classically styled homes, or even the salt boxes and cookie cutter homes, the design too often necessitates a patterned approach to windows.

This house above was designed by David Jameson Architect Inc.  and can be read more about at HomeDesignFind.

Modern Windows and Asymmetrical Balance