About Me

Casey Martner in Madrid
L ife presents itself at times as a balancing act. Whenever your even keel something tries to push you over, then you right yourself. I am attempting to find that balance point, like in the picture above, between the different paths life’s desires may take me. My future plans are taking me to DC and I am currently looking for work and an apartment there.

I received a BA in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. I studied abroad in London during the spring of 2006. I recently earned my MBA in Global Management from the Lubar School of Business at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.   Over the last year since my graduation I have left managing part of a small business in Wisconsin, spent three months at Tata Consultancy Services in Mumbai, India for an internship, came back to Wisconsin, worked at a small manufacturing company reworking their business processes, and now work as a freelance consultant and a manager again.

Zion Nation Park - 2011